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Our Purpose

World Instrumentals is a portfolio project by composer Donna O. Raphael. The instrumental music on the site ranges from simple tunes with loops, to more complex compositions created from scratch. In addition, the audio software and instruments used include Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Sibelius, two Yamaha keyboards, and a flute. The primary genre of music is world music because of the sounds used. Compositions are part of PRO BMI. Instrumentals are created, upon requests. Hence, main genre creations include World, Classical, Orchestral, Pop and Electronic.

When listening to the music on World Instrumentals site, you will be able to hear the passion that was put into each tune. The blend of sounds are unique to the composer’s style. Listeners who comment on the pieces always describe the vivid images and scenes that the music evokes in their mind. Furthermore, they like that the music uplifts them.

Besides instrumental music, you will also come across a few samples of instrumental remakes as well as remixes. On the blog page, you will read about music related topics including music reviews, playlists and music history.

Thank you for visiting World Instrumentals. Do visit again and enjoy your listen!

Music Reviews

I like the mood the song puts me in. The sound quality is excellent. This could be background music for a Japanese love story. I imagine a beautiful geisha walking along a beach with this music in the background.Crowd Review of My Light Instrumental

I like the intro, makes me think of a hunting scene where tribal villagers in war paint are hunting their prey in some utopian reality... Kind of like Avatar! In other words real creative song structure, you could do soundtracks for George Lucas or Steven Spielberg ...Crowd Review of Night-Enchanted Instrumental

I liked the retro synth style of the song and the bass part especially. It reminded me of John Carpenter soundtracks and similar musicians like Lazerhawk. The title of the song made me assume it would have a space vibe. Overall, I liked this track and will look up the artist.Crowd Review of Nebula Instrumental

First impression was it reminded me of something that I may have heard before, which doesn't mean I didn't like it because I did, but it didn't seem original enough so I scored it a little lower than I would have otherwise. It's nice, and I could envision listening to it or hearing it used in a movie scene.Crowd Review of Crescent Sky Instrumental

Cute little song, very easy to listen to. Could easily see this being played in a Child's TV show or movie, or even an adult's TV show or movie. Great song all around.Crowd Review of Oceanic Dreams Instrumental

Sounds like a galactic adventure. This could be some sonic quest through another dimension or alternate universe. This fevered celerity of the tempo is exhilarating and exciting. What a cool musical experience, like a VR escapade.Crowd Review of Nebula Instrumental

Interesting and original sounding. Terrific mix of digital sounds and gorgeous melody. I love the simple line that almost sounds like you are playing a soprano recorder(playing it well, of course, not like my beginner students who nearly rupture my ear drums). Almost a zither sound popped in there which was cool. Good percussion sounds too. Dreamy, mindful, beautiful instrumental.Crowd Review of My Light Instrumental

I really dig the Moby vibe from this. Love the melancholy feel to it. Great percussion. Love the piano part. Love the production. Great how it moves and flows like the tide.Crowd Review of Night-Enhanced Instrumental

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