1. Crescent Sky Donna O. Raphael 1:45
  2. Night-Enchanted Donna O. Raphael 3:19
  3. Steel Vibes Donna O. Raphael 3:33
  4. Nebula Donna O. Raphael 3:07
  5. Your Time, Your Moment Donna O. Raphael 3:09
  6. Play On Drms ft. Vintage Gtr Donna O. Raphael 3:49
  7. Call Of The Birds Donna O. Raphael 2:38
  8. Cry Of The Ocean Donna O. Raphael 2:08

Volume 2 of D’strumentals features 8 instrumental tunes primarily in the genre of world music. They were created using Pro Tools and Logic Pro software as well as 2 Yamaha keyboards and a flute. Other genres touched on in this short musical journey include theatrical, fantasy, electronic and pop.

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D’strumentals Vol. 2

Artist :
Title : D'strumentals Vol. 2
Release Date : August 6, 2016
Label :
Format : Digital Download