Being from the Caribbean, I grew up listening to Reggae and Dancehall music. It was also the music of choice when going to the nightclubs on the island. Back then, there was no Spotify or similar online music streaming programs the way they are rampant today. People got their music the old fashioned way: via CDs, radio and bootleg torrent sites. Yes I said it. Bootleg music was huge back then. Remember Napster, or even Limewire? They all started off as illegal music sharing sites. But that was then, and this is now. Thanks to streaming sites like Spotify and Pandora, listeners can enjoy all the music they love to their hearts content, the right way.

Some time in 2018, I found myself humming one of my old favorite Reggae tunes and realized, it’s been many years since I sought out that song. So, I decided to open up Spotify and searched for some of my favorite Dancehall and Reggae artists I enjoyed listening to from the early 2000’s. Then, for easy access, I put together a little playlist I could bump to when doing work on the computer.

If you like the genre of Dancehall / Reggae music, give these throwbacks a listen. You might find a few tunes you’d like to add to your own playlist.

The entire playlist is 111 songs, 6 hr. 43 min. long.