I wrote “Just Me” many moons ago. Additionally, it started off as a poem and then morphed into a track. However, I am only sharing the poem here. Also, the old recording was not that great. So, maybe if you look around my social media channels, you might find the track floating somewhere in the cloud. 🙂

“Just Me” is a poem about the people who claim they are your friends, but unfortunately, turn out being the opposite. As a result, when that happens, the goal is to keep moving forward and keep doing you. Moreover, you must remove the toxic from your life, live your life, and don’t look back.

For this reason, I hope that at the very least, this will empower you to be the best version of yourself you can be, despite the naysayers.

Part 1

My pen and paper have a voice of their own.
When I sit down to write, I let the feelings unfold.
And right now, I’ve got a few things on my mind.
And guess what, I think now is the perfect time,
To speak the truth of what I see going on.
Of how friends aren’t friends and how they pretend,
To care, to love, and to look out for you,
When they’re secretly hating, loathing you.

What joy they feel, when you fail to succeed.
And the push they give is so you’d fall and bleed,
Out your losses, your faults, they don’t care about you.
Beware of said friends with intentions false but true.
I have a few, just like her, him and you.
But I keep them close, what else am I to do?
I’m not heartless, but I’m not an idiot too,
I deal accordingly, I know the truth.

And I will just be me.
No matter what people say, or the games they play,
Mon pa mele, it’s whatever.
I will pass through in this world, like a stormy weather,
Have you hiding under your covers.
Moving along in this life,
No time to put up with who hates or who likes.
Go ahead, give me the attention I need,
It makes me know I’m doing something indeed.
By being me, simply, being me,
Just by, being me, naturally.

Part 2

Now, how do you want to try to flip the picture?
I’m talking to you, yeah you, hey trickster.
I don’t think you’re hearing my words real clear,
All this lying and deceiving needs to end somewhere.
Look at ourselves, and the lives we lead,
Do we really have what it takes, to make it and succeed?
Best believe, we won’t get real far if we choose negative,
Over positive deeds.

You have to think, and look a little deeper for something.
You have to think, and try to find your truth on the way.
You have to think, when you make it through today,
Count your blessings, be thankful for seeing another day.
You have to know, what you want out of this world.
You have to know, right from wrong as you go.
You have to know, that facts about karma are true,
Do onto others, as you’d have them do unto you.

No matter what people say,
Keep doing you anyway.
The haters have nothing on you.
To yourself just remain true.
No matter what they try to do,
They will come out looking like fools.
Because you’re simply doing you,
Can nobody do that like you do.